“Obama Fried Chicken” Sign Cut From Rap Video

A recently released music video for "Popular Demand" by the Clipse featured the awning of the infamous Obama Fried Chicken joint in Brownsville, Brooklyn. But in comparing versions of the video airing on MTV and elsewhere, it looks like the TV channel completely erased the restaurant's name from the awning in the video's opening shot.

Brokelyn, the Brooklyn blog that first reported the editing, notes it could be one of three possible reasons: copyright law, MTV advertising policy, or a more political decision that keeps MTV from dealing with the repercussions "from blaring 'Obama Fried Chicken" across American TV screens."

Back in April, City Councilman Charles Barron led a protest outside the location with citizens "outraged by [the] racist connection to Barack Obama and fried chicken."

The restaurant manager fired back and said it was a tribute to the president, noting four out of five customers support the name.

The two versions of the video are embedded below. The first is the original video with the "Obama Fried Chicken" name intact, while the second is the MTV2 video with the name removed.

We contacted MTV for comment but have yet to hear back. We will update if and when we do.

Update: A spokesperson for MTV says, "MTV did not ask for that edit to be made. Someone else other than MTV made the request." When asked who that may have been, they simply said, "We have no idea."

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