Jennifer Millman

C Service Back After Signal Problems Wreak Havoc on Subways Again

C service was down for hours on Thursday, causing major headaches ahead before the evening rush

Signal problems wreaked havoc on multiple subway lines for the second time in a week Thursday. Most notably, the C line, which was completely shut down for hours, all the way from Euclid Avenue in Brooklyn to 168th Street in both directions.

Service had been restored to the C line by Thursday evening. 

The MTA first notified riders of the problems at High Street, the first stop on the A and C lines in Brooklyn, around 1 p.m. Thursday. An hour and a half later, tweets and updates sent to email and text subscribers cited "ongoing signal problems" as the reason for a series of service changes. Thirty minutes after that, shortly after 3 p.m., the problems were ongoing. 

The MTA said "maintainers are on the scene investigating," but offered no timetable for service restoration.

The mess comes after signal problems in Manhattan, along with falling debris from the ceiling at the Hoyt Street station in Brooklyn, crippled the morning rush for tens of thousands of commuters.

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