MTA Rolls Out New Select Bus Service in Brooklyn

The service, on the B44 line, runs between Williamsburg and Sheepshead Bay along Nostrand Avenue

It just got easier to get from one end of Brooklyn to the other.

The new Select Bus Service on the B44 line hit the streets Sunday, running between Williamsburg and Sheepshead Bay along Nostrand Avenue.

Gaddafied Hadi, a commuter, said the service upgrade was welcome.

“A lot of people are moving out of New York because it’s too crowded and they’re riding the bus because there are too many cars, so the extra bus thing is definitely a plus for New York,” he said.

The bus will run along the regular B44 route but make fewer stops. The MTA estimates it could commute times by 20 percent.
Riders will have to swipe their MetroCards at special terminals before getting on the buses and use a receipt the machines have printed out as proof that fare has been paid.

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