Some NYC Subway Signs Fail To Spring Forward, Show Wrong Times

The MTA is a little behind in setting clocks forward for Daylight Saving Time this year.

About 17 of the city's 1,700 digital clocks were an hour off Monday, more than a day after Daylight Saving Time began.

The incorrect time was displayed at some of New York City's busiest subway stations -- including Columbus Circle in Manhattan, Court Square in Queens and the Lorimer Avenue L station in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood. 

"I would have been so confused if I hadn't had my phone," said straphanger Kieri Bort.

MTA officials said that the clocks, which are supposedly integrated with the train arrival computer, were supposed to update automatically.

It wasn't clear why 17 clocks failed to update, but MTA workers had to go through the system to set the faulty clocks forward. 

At least one of the clocks -- in the Court Square station -- was still off by an hour Tuesday morning. 

Commuters seemed more beguiled and amused by the mix-up than annoyed.

"You roll with it," said Rayner Pacheco. " It's New York, what can you do?"

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