Woman Riding Bus Sprayed With Glass Shattered by Bullet: MTA

A woman riding an MTA bus in Brooklyn was injured when a bullet struck a window on the bus, shattering glass onto her head, authorities say. 

Yndeliza Batiste Rodriguez, 60, was on the B13 bus on Wyckoff Avenue in Bushwick when the bullet struck the bus at about 2:30 p.m., the MTA said. Several gunshots had been fired outside the bus. 

The shattered glass sprayed Rodriguez, who said she felt the bullet whiz by her.

Her brother Rafael Batiste translated for her to NBC 4 New York Friday: "She feeling just warm, something warm coming to her head. Just like the bullet just went through." 

The MTA initially said a bullet grazed the woman, but police later clarified the bullet struck a window near her, sending glass onto her. 

Rodriguez, who was on her way home from work as a caretaker, said through her brother that she felt fearful for the other passengers. 

"She think everybody on the bus was hurt, like her," he said. "She was worried about everybody else." 

Rodriguez was taken to Wyckoff Hospital and was released bandaged and bruised. She said through her brother she was still a little dizzy and tired but otherwise OK. 

Workers at a nearby dollar store said they heard some some sort of boom, and started screaming. Surveillance video from the store shows the bus traveling on Wyckoff Avenue and then people suddenly running. 

Law enforcement sources said investigators believe three rounds were fired and the bus was not the intended target. They're searching for several suspects. 

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