MTA Gets $3.9B Bailout From Feds After Asking for $8.9B, But More Funds May Come

The MTA is now forecasting $8.9 billion in lost revenue through the end of 2021

MTA disinfect subways

The largest public transportation agency in the nation is making another plea for billions in bailout funding as the coronavirus pandemic continue to leave long-lasting effects.

The MTA is now forecasting $8.9 billion in lost revenue through the end of 2021, that's in addition to the funding from the last month's bailout from Congress.

In the previously passed CARES Act, Congress approved $25 billion to be distributed across the country's public transportation agencies. Of that cut, the MTA received $3.9 billion, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced Friday. The first disbursement appears to be on its way.

The MTA sent a letter to leaders of the Senate and House this week asking for an additional $32 billion on behalf of itself and more than a dozen other transportation agencies. The New York transit authority says it stands to lose nearly $9 billion in revenue this year, and if not replaced, fare rates, service schedules and planned improvements could all be impacted.

"Just as appropriations after natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes and fires are allocated based on need, funds to address this crisis should be distributed based on the loss of non-federal revenues," the MTA said, in part.

This week the MTA closed daily subway service overnight for four hours to clean all train cars. Leaders of the agency did not provide a timeline for if or when 24-hour service would resume.

New York City Councilman Joe Borelli of Staten Island says he heard good news about President Trump's support of the MTA.

"Hearing there may be some good news coming from Washington about the MTA. This would be a win for all New Yorkers, and I'm glad @realDonaldTrump weighed in," Borelli tweeted.

"Waiting for the official announcement. But I have received a heads up that it will be good for #NYC," he added in a follow-up tweet.

The White House said there may be more money coming to the MTA in addition to the $3.9 billion the agency received on Friday. The added funds would come from the $25 billion allotted to transportation agencies, but it was unclear how much more might come.

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