Mother’s Day: The Best Advice from Mom

What's the best advice your mom ever gave you? We've shared the wisdom of our viewers, and some of our reporters and anchors, in this gallery. And you can still share photos and advice with us by tweeting using #NBC4NY or emailing

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Reporter Brynn Gingras said the best advice from her mom was to "go for what you love, and never give up until you get it."
Carrieann Tropea
Viewer Carrieann Tropea said her mother, Caroline Puppo, taught her "to be courageous and brave even when dealing with the most tragic of circumstances."
Viewer Dawn Russell said her mother, Mary Penny, taught her to "enjoy life while you are still young and healthy enough to do everything you want to do."
Viewer Missi Scire-Trubish said her mother Elsie was her biggest hero, and "her spirit lives on in me for I feel it everyday."
Reporter Katherine Creag said this about her mom, Cecilia: "She loved wearing dresses, played classical piano, inspired me in a million ways, and I miss her every day."
Viewer Kate Anne Reitman said the best advice her mom ever gave her was to "always do my best and to always know that family is always there when you need them."
Viewer Rene D'Andrea said the best advice her mom gave her was that, "the best helping hand is at the end of your own arm."
Sheldon Dutes' mom told him "to follow through on every promise by being a man of my word."
Dawn VieBrock shared this advice from her mom, Margaret Sutton: "Everyone has a story, be kind."
Janice Huff said her mom always told her to "be a leader, not a follower."
Tom Llamas' mom told him to "be a good person."
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