New Jersey

Mother, Child Caught on Camera Stealing Amazon Package in New Jersey

A video of what appears to be a mother and her child strolling down the street in New Jersey has police looking for the woman who perhaps used her daughter as a lookout as she stole a package in broad daylight.

The surveillance footage of a woman pushing a stroller and a little girl in pink dress on her scooter was posted on social media Thursday by Matthew Salotti and Maya Salotti. The couple says the woman and child stole an Amazon package from in front of their door near 7th and Garden Street in Hoboken on Monday.

"someone using their daughter and stroller to steal an Amazon package on 7th and Garden this Monday. Pretty pathetic," Matthew Salotti said in a tweet to Hoboken Police.

The woman can be seen taking a small white package from the front steps of a home and the little girl can be heard saying "what is it?" to the woman.

Police say they're investigating the theft but neighbors who have seen the video say they're concerned because it seems like it's not the first time they've done it.

"[Police] are most concerned about the well being of the minor(s) involved," Maya Salotti wrote on Facebook.

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