These Are the Most Popular Dog Names in New York City

The city has revealed the most popular dog names for 2016, and while two take home top honors for the second year in a row, there are plenty of newcomers – and some odd emerging trends. Take a look for yourself. And ICYMI, these are the top 10 dog breeds in America (you know, just in case you wanted to see more puppy photos).

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Branford is considering banning pet sales in town.
Of the 87,031 dogs licensed in New York City, around 3 percent of them are named Max or Bella. For the second year in the row, those are the two most common names for male and female dogs registered in the five boroughs, respectively.
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There are 868 Charlies and 872 Lolas registered in the city.
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More than 860 registered male dogs are named Rocky, and more than 763 female ones are named Lucy.
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Hey, Buddy! According to the city, 741 registered male dogs may respond to that call. Coming in at No. 3 for female dogs is the name Daisy (694).
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The city says 625 male dogs are feeling "Lucky," while 652 female dogs go by the name Coco.
They may slobber, but oh so fluffy and sweet. In that vein, 559 registered male dogs in the city have the name Teddy. The sixth most popular name for registered female dogs in 2016 was Princess (605).
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More than 500 male dogs respond to the name Toby, while 560 female dogs come running when they hear the name Luna.
The dog in this photo probably isn't named Jack or Chloe, but if it were, it would have the eighth most popular dog name in the city (488 for Jack, 548 for Chloe).
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Atta boy, Milo! That's the ninth most popular name for male dogs in the city (443). For female dogs, Molly comes in ninth (516) in popularity.
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Oliver (428) and Sophie (416) round out the 10 most popular dog names in the city for 2016.
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The city found a few interesting trends imaging. New Yorkers apparently like to name their dogs after other animals. In that category, the most popular name is Bear (308), followed by Tiger (104), Moose (75), Panda (63) and Monkey (35).
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They also seem to be enjoying naming their pups after fruits, vegetables and spices. According to the city, 348 registered dogs are named Ginger and 270 are named Pepper. There are also a bunch of dogs named Olive (174), Cinnamon (75) and Peaches (68).
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