The Most Expensive Cities in the World

UBS Banks ranks the cost of living of the world's metropolitan areas.

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No. 10 – Dublin: The new luck of the Irish is Dubliners' incomes. Locals enjoy the fourth-highest net earnings, trailing only Zurich, Geneva and New York, according to a report from UBS Bank that ranks the most expensive cities in the world.
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No. 8 (tie) – Paris: The bill to keep the City of Lights ablaze is steep, including a monthly expenditure of $511 USD on groceries for the typical family.
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No. 8 (tie) – Caracas: Folks in the Venezuelan capital pay more for consumer electronics -- $6,400 for a refrigerator, TV (40" LCD), iPod nano 8 GB (4th generation) and digital camera -- than anyone else.
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No. 7 – Dubai: The service economy – things like haircuts, dry cleaning, phone and Internet -- in this oil-rich city is the most expensive in the world, costing $890 monthly.
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No. 6 – Copenhagen: The Danes rake in the highest gross pay of any city in the world, but the 46-percent tax bite they endure is rough.
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No. 5 – Zurich: The sky-high expense in the largest Swiss city is mercifully offset by the highest net income in the world.
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No. 4 – Tokyo: A three-course meal will run you an average of $87, which tops in the world. And a woman's wardrobe averages $1,310, also tops.
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No. 3 – Geneva: The most expensive cab fares in the world -- $24,71 for a three-mile ride – are only a small part of the price of living at the nerve center of the world's NGOs.
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No.2 – Oslo: When you take rent out of the equation, the Norwegian capital has the highest cost of living in the world.
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No. 1 - New York City: Unfortunately, folks in the Big Apple can't take their average monthly rent of $3,100 out of the equation, making their hometown the most expensive in the world.
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