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Community Development Corporation of Long Island
CDC of Long Island is a HUD certified housing agency since 1997. As a chartered member of NeighborWorks, CDC of Long Island is certified to meet a high standard of fiscal integrity and service performance to assist local residents in developing leadership, improving their neighborhoods, and securing decent, affordable housing. Working in partnership with others, NeighborWorks organizations are leaders in revitalizing communities and creating affordable housing opportunities for low-and moderate-income families. CDC of Long Island is recognized as an "exemplary organization" by NeighborWorks.

Long Island Housing Partnership
Since 1988 the mission of LIHP has been to provide affordable housing opportunities to those who, through the ordinary, unaided opration of the marketplace, would be unable to secure decent and safe homes. LIHP realizes this mission through the development and sponsorship of affordable ownership and rental units, as well as through related services.
Long Island Housing Partnerthip is now one of the leading not-for-profit developers, providing affordable housing for families across Long Island.

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