More New Jersey Homes, Businesses Using Solar Panels

The number of solar panel installations in New Jersey may have hit the 34 thousand mark based on state Board of Public Utilities figures.

As of mid-February there were 33,927 business and home solar arrays across the Garden State, but companies such as Vivint, NRG and SolarCity have been installing systems on a daily basis as their popularity has exploded with the help of a thirty percent federal tax credit.

"I saw everybody else getting it so I figured something must be good about it," Sayreville homeowner John Kaba told News4NewYork about his decision to go solar.

In Sayreville, more than three hundred homes have solar on their rooftops, this in a mixed blue collar and middle class community.

And while many people say they made the decision because of concerns over global warming, NRG spokesman Erik Linden said most people do it to save money.

Barry Waldman got a lease deal from NRG this past winter for his Sayreville home, and said he was told he should see savings of about twenty percent over the course of a year.

"I'm going to retire soon so I wanted a fixed cost where it's gonna be the same amount of obey practically every month," Waldman said.

The number of solar installations is spread across the state as politics doesn't appear to be an issue. The leading county, with more than five thousand solar rooftops, is Ocean, one of the most politically conservative counties in the state.  

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