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Monopoly Fans Have Killed the Thimble

The Thimble, an iconic token of luck that has graced Monopoly boards for more than 80 years, will not pass go in the next generation of the board game. 

Hasbro gave Monopoly fans across the globe a chance to vote on which eight pieces should make it to the new version of the game, called Token Madness. More than 4 million gamers weighed in between Jan. 10 and Jan. 31. Sadly, the Thimble did not make the cut. 

There is precedent for beloved tokens getting the ax -- the cat replaced the iron piece in 2013 by fan vote. 

In addition to the eight current tokens that make it through fan voting, the next-generation version will include 50 new pieces like emojis and hashtags. 

Hasbro will reveal the final results on World Monopoly Day, March 19. The eight fan-picked Monopoly tokens will be updated in the Monopoly game hitting shelves this August. 

In the meantime, fans can visit, @HasbroNews on Twitter and @Hasbro on Instagram (#MonopolyVote) to say “sew long” to the Thimble token and continue to show their support for the other 63 contenders vying for a spot in the next generation of the game.

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