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Money Raised for Billboard to Help End Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

NEW YORK CITY – The NO MORE campaign celebrated International Women’s Day and NO MORE Week right in the hub of New York City.

The campaign aspired to engage people around the importance of ending domestic violence and sexual assault by highlighting these issues on a huge 8,500-square-foot billboard in Times Square.

From March 4-11, the billboard has two 30 second spots per hour, running every hour for the 7 days. One spot focuses on sexual assault and the other focuses on domestic violence.

In five days, over $11,000 was raised by 58 donors to spread the message.

Tracy DeTomasi is the Executive Director of NO MORE. She says the billboard has a far reach and that it is a great way to bring attention to the issues.

“We really need to move these issues out of the shadows and into the light,” she said. “And they are literally in the light!”

The billboard coincides with NO MORE week, in which the community and organizations come together to work towards ending domestic violence and sexual assault. It is a way to continue talking about the issues.

The NO MORE campaign strives to help end domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse. It provides public awareness campaigns, marketing tools and communications resources for anti-violence organizations.

Many may recognize the NO MORE campaign from TV, including the NFL Players Say NO MORE PSAs, created in 2014 as an expansion of an ongoing partnership between NO MORE and the NFL.

DeTomasi says that the PSA’s get more people involved to amplify the message. “You want to get involved when you see your hero talking about the issues,” she said.

NO MORE has even inspired policy changes, but is also “an easy campaign to be a part of”, said DeTomasi.

The campaign is partnered with many foundations around New York: A CALL TO MEN, Safe Horizon, Joyful Heart Foundation, Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation, One Love Foundation and National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs.

NO MORE week ends the 11th and will continue with NO MAS week.

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