Mom Tries to Surprise Daughter, Accidentally Snaps Selfie in Wrong Bed

"I am in the wrong dorm omg," the mother tweeted after the mistake

A mother wanted to surprise her college-aged daughter after she traveled to her school to help her move out for the summer, so she snapped a selfie in what she thought was her daughter's bed. 

But when Deeana Pilling, who flew from New York City to Utah last week for the surprise, texted her daughter the photo, she realized she had a mistake. 

"Look where I am! Where are you?" Deeana texted daughter McKenna Pilling, a Utah State University student, after she sent her the selfie.

"Where's that?? I'm in my dorm. Please tell me you're not in someone else's dorm," McKenna texted back.

Her mom then replied: "I am in the wrong dorm omg." 

The dorm and the bed, it turns out, belonged to a friend of McKenna's who lives in the same building, Select/All reported

“She came to surprise me from New York City to help clean out my dorm and apparently walked in the wrong dorm,” McKenna Pilling told Buzzfeed News. “No one was in there so she laid down for five minutes in the wrong bed and decided to send me a picture as a surprise.”

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Correction: An earlier version of this story misidentified Deanna Pilling's daughter as McKeena Pilling. 

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