Model Wins Case to Unmask “Skank”-Calling Blogger

In a precedent-setting case that will no doubt have far-reaching consequences in the burgeoning field of blogging (and fashion blogging in particular), cover model Liskula Cohen sued none other than Google for the right to unmask the blogger who maligned her -- and won.

Cohen is now entitled to file a defamation lawsuit against the writer behind the now-defunct blog "Skanks in NYC," who called the model a "skank," "psychotic," and worse in a blog post months ago. But here's the kicker: Turns out Cohen already knew the anonymous blogger.

As she told Good Day America this morning, she "jumped for joy and laughed" when she found out her alleged defamer was someone she'd already known socially. She was so excited, she even called the woman and forgave her. "She can walk around with a chip on her shoulder. It's not my job ... It's sad," she said.

Since then, Cohen has been determined to get the name of the person who insulted her. As her lawyer told the NY Daily News back in March, the cruel words are "affecting her business." Once the court ruled in her favor, Google -- who runs the site that "Skanks in NYC" used -- was forced to provide the name of the infamous writer behind the insults.

Ms. Cohen is no stranger to legal woes: In 2007, the model received 46 stitches in her face after a man at a nightclub hurled a glass at her.

Needless to say, the case will force many bloggers in the industry who have made a habit out of -- or, in some cases, have built entire careers upon -- ridiculing models and celebrities to think before posting.

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