Mister Softee Truck Robber Foiled by Quick Witness

A Suffolk County man didn't get very far after he allegedly jumped through the order window of a Mister Softee ice cream truck at a stoplight, robbed the driver and ran away.

The accused ice cream truck robber, 42-year-old Robert Martone, targeted the truck at around 7:30 p.m. Saturday as it was stopped at a red light at Hawkins Road and Nichols Road in Centereach, according to police.

Martone jumped into the truck through the order window, displayed a gun and robbed the driver of cash.

A witness, Michael Rhatigan, happened to be stopped at the same traffic light and saw the robbery in action. Rhatigan chased Martone into a nearby wooded area, and with the help of the Mister Softee truck driver, held the man until police arrived.

The cash and handgun -- which turned out to be fake -- were seized from Martone, said police.

Martone was charged with first-degree robbery.

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