Famous Parrot That Went Missing Found Safe in Brooklyn

A "world-famous" green parrot known for its YouTube performances and talk show appearances that went missing in Brooklyn Monday has been found safe, his owner says. 

Michael Sazhin, a professional bird trainer and parrot enthusiast, wrote on his Facebook page that the bird, named Truman, was found several miles away in Canarsie Wednesday, roughly 48 hours after he flew off when Sazhin took him to the park near 16th Avenue and 75th Street. 

Sazhin says he got a call shortly before noon that a man in Canarsie had found a green bird in his yard. 

"That is very far away and I didn't believe it until he said he had a white beak, had been screaming there for hours and had orange on his winds," Sazhin said. "I knew that was Truman." 

Sazhin says Truman didn't seem hungry, appeared in good shape and still had energy to fly. He let the bird finish munching on an almond in the man's backyard before he put his harness on him and took him home.

Later, Sazhin said Truman "happily participated in a routine training session," though his eyes did look a little tired.

Sazhin got Truman from a breeder in Florida four years ago and has cared for the bird since it was a chick. He named the parrot Truman because in videotaping and sharing his upbringing and training progress with the world, he was reminded of "The Truman Show" with Jim Carrey. 

Sazhin takes his bird show on the road to conferences, community groups and schools and has performed with his parrots on "America's Got Talent," "The Steve Harvey Show" and "The Late Show With David Letterman." He says his other bird, Kili, usually is the one on TV while Truman hangs out backstage. 

While Sazhin doesn't plan to clip Truman's wings, he says he plans to write a book about how to find one's lost parrot. He has already authored one on parrot training and socializing and runs parrotwizard.com.
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