“SNL” Staffer Returns Couple's Missing Diamond

We all know the routine. Boy loves girl. Boy saves up, buys an engagement ring and says those famous four words: “Will you marry me?” 

But we don't expect his wife to lose the diamond four years later -- and neither does he.

Brian Candee and his wife, Bree, were part of the lucky few that scored tickets to watch "Saturday Night Live" in studio last week.  

The couple came to watch Pearl Jam. The much coveted tickets were a birthday gift from Brian to Bree. The night was perfect until they went to dinner at Nobu 57 and Bree noticed something strange.

"I looked down at my hand and it was the most amazing thing. I saw my band ... the setting was gone," said Bree Candee.

The setting included a 4-karat diamond.

"I have dreams of losing my ring. And at first I screamed for my husband across the restaurant," said Candee.

The anguished couple started looking all over the restaurant. They even got the bartenders, the staff, the Maitre D and patrons to get on their hands and knees to search for the ring.

 "After 30 minutes of looking it was not looking good," said Brian.

So Bree begged Brian to call "Saturday Night Live."  They had met staffer Tom Popple, who directs the staging operations, during the show.  They thought he could help. 

"This is going to sound very strange but if you find something ... my wife lost her diamond ring," Candee told Popple.

"I looked over to where they were sitting and I looked down and I saw it. I said to him on the phone I actually have it," said Popple.

Popple says he noticed the shiny rock as he was cleaning up after the show.

"Little did I know it would be a 4-karat diamond,” said Popple.  “I was happy for them."

When Brian returned the ring to Bree she says she was still shaking. The couple still can't believe their luck but it's renewed their trust in fellow New Yorkers.

"There are really very good people in New York City -- like this guy Tom -- a very honest man and a good person," he said.

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