Missing Child Turns Out to Be Missing Parrot

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A Connecticut woman who raced to help when she heard a child calling for his or her daddy assisted in a very different reunion when she learned the calls were actually coming from a missing parrot named Ralphie.

The woman became concerned when she heard what she thought was a child calling “Daddy, Daddy” over and over again in the area of Holland Hill School, at 105 Meadowcroft Road, in Fairfield, Connecticut, at around 5 p.m. on Thursday, so she did what she thought she needed to to do and started looking for the child.

When she followed the sound, she did not find a missing child. Instead, she found a large green parrot 25 feet up in the tree, so she called Animal Control.

The talking bird, which had been reported missing from a home about a mile away, was too high up for Animal Control to reach, so they called the on fire department, according to police.

Firefighters used a long pole to get the bird out of the tree and it flew into an area of bamboo.  

Firefighters then chased Ralphie out of those trees so Animal Control could catch it in a net and bring it to the shelter.

Ralphie continued to talk, nonstop, according to police, and was finally reunited with its owner.

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