Giant Mirror Topples Over at Balthazar Restaurant, Crashes On Diner

A large mirror toppled over at a well-known lower Manhattan restaurant Friday morning, injuring one person and startling several other diners.

The mirror fell at the Balthazar restaurant on Spring Street at about 10:15 a.m., according to the FDNY. 

Several diners tweeted photos of the scene showing the large mirror toppled over on top of a booth. 

The New York Post initially reported that pop star Taylor Swift was among the diners in the trendy eatery at the time the mirror fell, but later said that those reports proved incorrect.

It's not clear what caused the mirror, which had been hanging on a wall, to fall.

The manager of the restaurant told NBC 4 New York that the business was open for lunch.

City building inspectors are at the scene. 

-- Sheldon Dutes contributed to this report.

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