Miracle on Hudson Survivor Pens Song of Thanks

Aussie singer Emma Sophina is recording a song of thanks to the pilots of US Airways Flight 1549 after she survived the plane's water landing on the Hudson River.

"It's definitely a thank you for the pilots," Sophina told the New York Daily News, after she laid down the vocals at a studio on the Jersey Shore. "The song is called, 'Send Another Prayer.'"

She originally was going to call the song "My Life in the Bottom of the Hudson River", but changed her mind after some reflection.

"I was praying, everybody was praying around me," said Sophina, a devout Christian from Perth, Australia. "Whether they were confessing their sins or just praying, everybody was just doing it."

Her song is upbeat at first before changing into an emotional tribute to hero pilot Chelsey Sullenberger

The 26-year-old blond beauty was in New York for a vacation and some inspiration. It appears she found a healthy dose of it.

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