Minnie Mouse Charged with Aggressive Begging: NYPD

Minnie Mouse is the latest costumed character to be busted for allegedly being a bit too greedy with photo-snapping tourists in Times Square.

Reyna Perez, dressed as the Disney rodent, demanded a $20 tip after having her photo taken with two girls, according to a criminal complaint released Thursday. The girls' mother told police that she gave $6 to Perez and then her daughters gave another $12 to her.

Perez said "That's not enough," the woman told police.

Perez was charged Wednesday with misdemeanor counts of aggressive begging in a public place and disorderly conduct, the complain states.

She was released on her own recognizance and scheduled to appear May 6 in Midtown Community Court.

A Legal Aid Society lawyer representing Perez didn't respond to a message requesting a comment about the charges.

City Council members voted earlier this month to allow the Transportation Department to draft new rules for costumed characters and topless women in body paint who solicit tips for photographs in Times Square. People have complained that the costumed characters have been too aggressive in asking for money.

Several characters have been arrested for aggressive solicitation.

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