NY Financial Planner Gets Prison Term for Scamming Charities

A Long Island financial planner will spend up to 10 years in prison for embezzling $1.8 million from charities and others.

Nassau County prosecutors say Drew Morgan pleaded guilty in March to grand larceny. He was sentenced on Wednesday to 3 1/3 to 10 years. He also was ordered to repay the money.

Prosecutors say Morgan stole $1.3 million from a special needs camp. They say he also stole $475,000 from two sisters who were his clients.

Morgan served as treasurer and a board member of the camp. The camp serves both adults and children. Prosecutors say he withdrew the money from a camp account and another charity over five years.

Some of the money he stole were from funds raised following the death of three camp counselors on Meadowbrook Parkway in 2010. The parents of victim Michael Mulhall were in court Wednesday.

"He's a very sick man, and he saw an opportunity and grabbed it, and now he's going to have to face the consequences," said Peggy Mulhall, Mulhall's mother. 

Prosecutors said Morgan used the embezzled funds on a membership at Hempstead Country Club, among other luxuries. 

Morgan's own daughter is a camper, said counselor Sandy Braun.

"To steal and defraud not only from kids and adults but his own kid, a Down's Syndrome daughter who still comes to the camp and is welcomes and loved," Braun said. 

The thefts were found during a separate probe involving the theft from the two sisters.

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