Protesters Target NY's Richest in Millionaires March

Several hundred protesters staged a "Millionaires March" to the homes of wealthy New Yorkers on the Upper East Side, chanting "hey mister millionaire, time to pay your fair share!"

The group met outside the Plaza Hotel on Tuesday and marched first to Rupert Murdoch's home at Fifth Avenue and 64th Street.

They also marched to the home of businessman David Koch at 71st Street and Fifth Avenue. Koch is New York's richest man, with a wealth of $25 billion, according to Forbes magazine estimates.

A protest organizer said the tour is intended to "highlight the economic injustice of giving the wealthiest 1 percent a $5 billion tax windfall on Dec. 31 when the millionaire's income tax expires."

The state's highest income tax rate expires at the end of the year.

One of the protesters, Curt Barnes, carried a sign that said "we are the 99 percent," which is a frequent refrain at the Occupy Wall Street protests headquartered downtown.

"I'm out here because we're tired of a tiny number of Americans stealing off of us and not giving us our due," said Donald Suggs.

The march ended at 93rd Street and Park Avenue, where JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon lives.

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