Mysterious Millionaire Searches for Love Using Giant Billboard Ads

The man is described as "tall, dark and handsome"

What to Know

  • A Utah millionaire is searching for love using a series of billboards
  • A matchmaking service running his campaign for love has already received almost 1000 applications to date the mysterious millionaire
  • Applications are open for another 2 weeks. The matchmaking service warns the man is not looking for a gold-digger.

A Utah millionaire is hoping a series of billboards will help him find love -- but he's not looking for a gold-digger.

The billboards, advertising "LDS Millionaire looking for his wife" went up 10 days ago and have already attracted nearly a thousand applications from around the world.

"We have ten billboards across I-15 from Utah County to North Salt Lake," matchmaker Amy Steven Seal told KSL TV. "And it's working." However Seal also warns that the mysterious millionaire is not looking for a gold-digger, despite the ads advertising his wealth.

Seal's company, The LDS Matchmaker, is behind the ads. For now, the man's identity is being kept secret, but Seal did let a few things slip. She said he's between 31-45 years old, he's 6'1 and is "tall, dark and handsome."

Seal’s company is accepting applications through May 31. She tells KSL TV from there they will narrow down the candidates through video interviews and will choose 20 women to attend a private dinner event June 7.

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