Midtown's Highest Observation Deck Now Has a Form of Dress Code

Guests at the new observation deck are now being encouraged to wear pants, shorts or tights — in order to avoid "unwanted exposure" from the attraction's reflective and transparent floors, the attraction's website says

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One of the newest midtown attractions is instituting some new recommendations for visitors: come wearing the right clothes.

The Summit at One Vanderbilt, the highest skyscraper in midtown reaching just over 1,400 feet above the ground, offers New Yorkers and tourists a view of the city like no other.

But guests at the new observation deck are now being encouraged to wear pants, shorts or tights — in order to avoid "unwanted exposure," the attraction's website says.

"Guests who are concerned about unwanted exposure as a result of the mirrored floors and ceilings are responsible for dressing in a manner to avoid such exposure," according to the website.

The reflective and transparent flooring may not mix well with skirts or dresses, so a free pair of black shorts will be offered to guests who ask. Summit One Vanderbilt also asks visitors to wear comfortable shoes, and avoid anything that will "damage mirrored floors such as stiletto heels and steel-toed boots."

"Summit is more than just a view, though we have great views. It's really an emotional journey," said Managing Director Robert Schiffer.

Sunglasses are provided to visitors to wear inside because of the intense reflections that bounce around the walls and floors, creating an infinity effect. Fitting for a place where the views seem to go on forever.

Even the restrooms show off the skyline, giving visitors a chance to use the loo with a view.

One Vanderbilt opened in Sept. 2020, a $3.3 billion complex built by SL Green that opened despite the ongoing pandemic. The building's observation area is three floors in all, on the 91st, 92nd and 93rd floors. A 42-second elevator ride brings visitors to see the exhibits designed by Kenzo Digital, which are meant to highlight the intersection of where art and architecture interact with nature.

Summit One Vanderbilt is now open to visitors with proof of COVID vaccination, with tickets for New Yorkers starting at $34.

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