Metal Spike Hits Vehicle, Lands Within Inches of Children's Faces in Fairfield: PD

Two young children restrained in car seats were spared from life-threatening injuries after a metal spike was propelled into their vehicle and landed within inches of their faces in Fairfield on Saturday.

Officers said while traveling on Lockwood Road, a 10-inch metal spike was picked up and propelled by the rotating cutting blades of a landscaper's commercial lawn mower.

The spike traveled 20 feet and broke through the rear passenger side window of a vehicle. It came within inches of the front of the 2-year-old and 3-year-old children's faces, according to authorities.

The 10-inch spike then ricocheted off the interior glass on the opposite side and landed between the two children on the floor, police added.

Both children were evaluated by first responders and were found to only have minor injuries due to the shattered glass, officers said.

"In just a matter of inches, an injury may have occurred resulting in a very tragic story," said Fairfield Fire Department Lt. Robert Smith.

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