Men Stole Thousands of Dollars Worth of Cigarettes From Brooklyn Drug Stores: Cops

Two men are wanted for stealing thousands of dollars in cigarettes off the shelves of at least 10 different drug stores last month in Brooklyn, police say.

The NYPD says the duo’s crime spree began June 1 when they walked into a Rite Aid on 18th Avenue and walked out with about $1,000 worth of the tobacco product. About a week later, the pair struck again getting away with about $800 in cigarettes from behind the counter at a Walgreens on 3rd Avenue.

Police said the two men struck once on June 9, twice on June 12 and twice on June 14. In one instance they got away with over $4,000 in cigarettes. The men hit three other drug stores after that. 

Authorities say one of the suspects cut a drug store employee with a knife during one of the incidents.

In total, the pair got away with over $10,000 in cigarettes, officials said.

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