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Meet the Long Island High Schooler Who Made History With a Touchdown

Sofia LaSpina of Mepham High School was named New York Jets' high school football player of the week and will be honored at an upcoming game

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Many touchdowns were scored over the weekend but only one was scored by a 15-year-old girl on Long Island. She became the first female athlete to do so in the region's history.

Sofia LaSpina of Mepham High School in North Bellmore didn't just catch one throw in the end zone on Saturday, she caught three. She was featured on NBC's halftime show during Sunday Night Football game between Baltimore and Kansas City.

As LaSpina celebrated with her teammates on the field, she had no idea she made history.

"I didn't even realize any of this. I didn't know I made his tory. I thought I just scored a touchdown. I was just excited," the wide receiver told NBC New York on Monday. "My heart was beating really fast because I just wanted to catch the ball. I just wanted to make sure I caught it."

The teen was also named New York Jets' high school football player of the week and will be honored at an upcoming game. Her teammates and coach say they couldn't be more proud.

LaSpina first fell in love with football in the 7th grade. Now a junior playing among male teammates, she says she has been told she couldn't do what she's doing but she "just didn't listen."

"If I wanna play football, I wanna play football and no one should tell me not to," she said.

Mepham High School football head coach Anthony Cracco says LaSpina is the perfect role model for anyone who wants to just play because she worked hard and never got discouraged, adding there's a lot to learn from her.

"Aside from the first couple days of practice, her having to come remind me 'coach, I need the girl's locker room opened,' there was no difference," Cracco said.

Football isn't the only sport that LaSpina plays for her high school. She also plays first base and catcher for the softball team. But when it comes to her future with football, the teen says she'll continue to college if she still enjoys playing it her senior year.

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