No Charges for McDonald's Cook in Beating Caught on Tape

A grand jury dismissed all charges against cook who beat two irate customers who jumped behind the counter

A grand jury has dismissed all charges against a McDonald's cook accused of beating two irate customers with a metal rod in a fight caught on videotape.

Rayon McIntosh was to be released from jail Friday after the grand jury vote.

The grand jury is still weighing charges against the women, Rachel Edwards and Denise Darbeau. They were arraigned on initial charges of trespassing in the Oct. 13 episode.

Another customer's video showed two women vaulting a counter to attack McIntosh and him grabbing a metal bar and hitting back, even after the women were on the floor. One suffered a fractured skull.

McIntosh said he was only defending himself. The women's lawyer says McIntosh used unjustifiable force.

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