Hot Cakes! McDonald's to Expand All-Day Breakfast Menu

Hot cakes! In a move sure to titillate the taste buds of breakfast lovers everywhere, McDonald's announced Wednesday it is expanding its all-day breakfast menu to include savory favorites like McGriddles and biscuit sandwiches.

Currently, most restaurants service McMuffin sandwiches and hotcakes after normal breakfast hours, but the menu varies by location. A McGriddle lover in Louisiana, for example, would be devastated to learn he or she couldn't get one all day while on a trip to New York. 

McGriddle lovers need not fear such devastation any longer. Starting September, McDonald's says its new expanded all-day national breakfast menu will include egg McMuffin, sausage McMuffin with egg, sausage McMuffin, bacon, egg and cheese biscuit, sausage biscuit with egg, bacon, egg and cheese McGriddles, McGriddles with sausage, hotcakes, oatmeal and hashbrowns. 

Prior to rolling out national all-day breakfast, McDonald's said the number one request from its customers was to serve its breakfast items after 10:30 a.m. 

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