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NYC Mayoral Candidate Sal Albanese Goes on Twitter About Stolen Car That Wasn't

Sal Albanese, a longtime New York politician who is running for mayor, tweeted that his wife's car was stolen while he campaigned in Queens -- but it turns out no thieves were involved with the disappearing vehicle. 

NBC 4 New York talked to police and learned that the car had been moved Saturday for an event in the Long Island City neighborhood where he had parked. 

Vehicles in the area were towed and relocated, police said. 

When informed of his car's whereabouts at a campaign event Sunday, Albanese appeared shocked and had this response: 

"It's cumbersome. It's overly bureaucratic. It's symptomatic of some of the management style of New York City especially under de Blasio who doesn't pay much attention to management. I'm glad you told me, so my car's around?!"

Police said they routinely relocate cars due to neighborhood events and have a list to inform people where they can find their vehicles.

Albanese insisted that he parked legally outside the perimeter of the event. He said he called 311 twice and was told that his car hadn't been towed. 

No word on what caused the misunderstanding in this case.

Hours later, Albanese picked up his car from the spot where NBC 4 New York told him it had been moved. 

Albanese tweeted from his verified account Saturday that after he finished campaigning at Queensbridge Houses about low crime, he returned to find the car missing from its parking spot.

He then tweeted that he had to take the F train, minus his belongings, his wife's car and "baby seats for grandkids."

Within the same hour, Albanese complained that when trying to reach the local precinct about the theft, no one answered the phone twice.

His wife was out of town and not able to file a police report. 

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