Former Cops Acquitted of Rape Had Previous Encounter With Another Drunk Woman

The former NYPD officers who were acquitted of raping a drunk woman they were escorting home had a previous encounter with another intoxicated young woman a few months earlier who later filed a complaint, according to a published report.

According to the Village Voice, the woman in the August 2008 incident had been drinking with friends in the East Village.

The 21-year-old became upset after some of her belongings were stolen, and after she pushed someone in a brief altercation outside the bar, police were called, the Voice said.

Officers Franklin Mata and Kenneth Moreno arrived, and according to the Voice, the woman said she tried to report the stolen items, but the officers wouldn't listen.

"I'm trying to be reasonable and rational, saying my things were stolen, and they are laughing and giggling, patronizing me. So I get upset. They grab me, push me against the car, handcuff me and put me in the back seat," she told the paper.

The woman filed a complaint with the Civilian Complaint Review Board, accusing the officers at one point of calling her a "b---h" and a "c---t." She also accused Mata and Moreno of roughing her up, causing bruises and scratches on her wrists.

The CCRB substantiated the allegations against Mata, according to the Voice.

Chad Siegel, an attorney for one of the officers, said "it sounds like someone who is disorderly got arrested and now wants to capitalize on what happened."

The information was never brought up in court during their trial.

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