New Jersey

Massive Oak Tree Snaps, Smashes Cars in NJ

A giant 200-year-old tree came crashing down on top of two cars parked in a New Jersey driveway Tuesday, shaking the block and startling neighbors, who are still stunned that no one was hurt. 

Shadyside Avenue in Summit is a lot less shady without the massive oak tree, which went down Tuesday evening, falling smack on top of two cars, smashing them and extending into the street. 

"It sounded like an earthquake was happening, the whole house was shaking," said homeowner Seamus McFadden. "It was pretty intense." 

The old oak canopied the McFaddens' whole yard before it landed on the two cars. 

The trunk appeared rotted, which is likely why it snapped. It took down power lines with it.

A bucket truck was brought in to chop up the massive trunk.

"We're going to miss her," said neighbor Daren Fryburg of the tree.

Neighbors say it's a good reminder for homeowners to look at their trees' conditions as summer storms arrive. 

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