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Cops Bust Marijuana Growhouses Inside NYC Apartment Building

Con Edison had flagged the NYPD about high electricity usage at an apartment address

What to Know

  • The NYPD has busted two suspected marijuana growhouses inside an apartment building
  • Police were flagged to the address by Con Edison, which noticed unusual electricity usage
  • The air was thick with the smell of marijuana as police broke out the windows and cops brought out bags of pot

Police have busted two suspected marijuana growhouses inside a Manhattan apartment building, with officers walking out with large trash bags filled with pot plants Thursday.

Law enforcement source said Con Edison flagged the NYPD about high electricity usage at an address in Marble Hill -- technically Manhattan, not the Bronx -- potentially signaling a grow operation.

When police responded to the address, they discovered two alleged marijuana grow operations, though it's not clear if they're related, sources said. 

Around 100 marijuana plants were found, along with ventilation devices and lights. The fourth and fifth floors of the building were evacuated as police investigated.

The smell of marijuana was thick in the air Thursday afternoon, when windows in the apartment of the suspected growhouse were broken out by authorities. 
Officers were making multiple trips from the building as they carried out bags and bags of marijuana plants into the evening. 

A neighbor was shocked to see the quantity of pot plants being brought out. 

"I never thought they'd come that big, the operation," he said. "Living here for so long, I never thought that would be occurring in the building, especially where we live." 

No arrest has been made. 

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