Manslaughter Conviction in Brooklyn Beating of Ecuadorean

Prosectors claimed attackers believed victim and his brother were gay

A New York City man accused of breaking a beer bottle over the head of an Ecuadorean immigrant has been convicted of manslaughter and attempted assault in the man's death, but not as a hate crime.

Hakim Scott dodged a murder conviction, and a Brooklyn jury sided with his attorney who claimed the incident was not a hate crime.

Scott was accused of breaking a bottle over the head of Jose Sucuzhanay as the man walked arm-and-arm with this brother.

The 36-year-old Scott chased after the victim's brother with the broken bottle.

Prosecutors say Scott and Keith Phoenix mistook the brothers for gay men and yelled slurs.

Phoenix pleaded not guilty. A separate jury is deliberating his case.

Sucuzhanay died several days later at a hospital.

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