NYC Parking Garage Attendant Wins $7 Million Lottery Jackpot

The attendant said he picked the winning numbers while 'bored at work'

A Manhattan parking garage attendant won a $7 million jackpot in a lottery game he decided to play while "bored at work" one day. 

The New Jersey resident drew the winning numbers on a $2 Cash4Life ticket he purchased during a lull at at parking garage downtown on Feb. 25.

"I decided to go across the street to buy a lottery ticket," said Gregory Velez of Union, New Jersey, in a press release provided by the lottery. “I asked the guy behind the counter what game I should play and he suggested CASH4LIFE because the drawing was that night."

The next day, Velez said a co-worker mentioned that the same store -- Southend News on South End  Avenue in the Financial District -- had sold the winning ticket.

“I checked the numbers on my phone and then went back to the store," he said. "I went totally numb when I realized that I actually won. I walked around the block a few times to clear my head and then went back to work to let them know that I quit.”

Velez chose to receive his prize as a one-time lump sum payment totaling $4.6 million after withholdings. He says he plans to pay off bills, buy a new house and "take it easy."

He added that he has two daughters and a granddaughter he wants to take to a Disney theme park.

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