Shopping Cart Full of Beers Just Won’t Fit Up New York Subway Escalator

The beers ended up riding up the escalator by themselves

What to Know

  • A man with a shopping cart full of Budweiser and Heineken was seen trying to push it onto the subway escalator
  • But it wouldn't fit, and the beers started falling off and riding up by themselves
  • The incident went viral on Instagram, with New Yorkers weighing in with tips and support for the man's tenacity

We've all been there. Forced to take the subway with a piece of impractical luggage -- an obnoxiously large suitcase, a desk bought off Cragislist or a giant bunch of balloons. For one man it just happened to be a shopping cart full of beer.

Filmmaker Bingham Bryant captured the man's struggle at the Delancey/Essex St. subway station last week. With his cart loaded to the brim with cases of beer, the man approaches the narrow escalator with what appears to be a plan to push it on to a step and ride to the top.

It was not to be. While the operation starts off well -- the man carefully guiding the shopping cart with precision onto the escalator -- physics is against him.

The back wheels appear to become stuck at the bottom of the escalator as the front wheels start to smash against the ever-advancing steps.

Bottles can be heard clanging inside their boxes and soon the boxes themselves start to tumble with the motion.

A box of Budweiser is one of the first to fall, as though saying, "I'm just going to go up by myself." Video shows the case riding the escalator to the top on a step, and it's soon followed by yet another case.

Bryant stopped filming after this, deciding it was going to be more time efficient for him to take the stairs.

"I went up the stairs and saw that he had a buddy waiting for him above ground, who was now shouting at him to put the crates on the escalator one by one... but you could hear that thud-thud-thud that meant he was still pushing," he said.

A friend shared the video on Instagram where it made it to the popular New York subway page @subwaycreatures, posted with the caption, "Never stood a chance."

New Yorkers were part amused, part bemused, and some tried to offer advice and support.

"Bruh, you gotta put your foot on that little step down by your feet push down with your foot and tilt upwards," one said.

"Never give up!" another added.

Others were thinking ahead -- or above -- to the lucky person who might be walking past at the top of the escalator. "Being at the top of the escalator and seeing a box of ice cold Budweiser just arriving with no one to claim it and then you start hearing the choir," one commented.

"Big win for people at the top!" another said. 

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