Grandfather Uses Fancy Footwork to Trip Suspect Being Chased by Police

This wasn't your regular trip-up.

Police in Columbus, Ohio, are thanking a grandfather who helped officers catch a fleeing suspect.

A man identified as 'Bill' was at a library with his granddaughter when he said he saw a man with a hand in his waistband running from officers.

As the man ran by, Bill stuck his leg out to trip the suspect.

But it wasn't your regular trip-up. Bill, who uses a cane, timed his move just right -- deftly sliding his right leg backwards just as the suspect came by.

The grandfather said he then heard a gun go one way and the suspect fall the other, and that's when he ran to get out of the way.

Police say the move likely saved the suspect's life and allowed police to catch up and make an arrest.

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