Jennifer Millman

Man Steals $5,500 in Wigs, Sink Faucet From Brooklyn Doorstep: Police

Police are looking for a man who allegedly stole two packages -- one containing $5,500 in wigs and another containing a sink faucet -- from a Brooklyn home on separate occasions. 

Authorities say the suspect first stole the wigs from the front steps of the victim's Eastern Parkway home on April 28. The same man allegedly struck again Sunday, making off with the sink faucet. 

Both heists were captured by surveillance cameras. 

In one video, the suspect is seen walking up to the home toting a black wheeler suitcase. A brown and white pit bull ambles behind him. The man, who is wearing a hooded sweatshirt that mostly conceals his face, moves over to the side of the building and is seen shoving packages into the suitcase as the dog waits patiently on a grassy area nearby. The suspect then grabs the suitcase and the dog and pulls both out of the area. 

Video from the theft allegedly shows the same man, this time in a white T-shirt, walking up to what appears to be the same home with a black plastic bag. He nonchalantly grabs a package and walks off. 

It's not clear if police believe the home was targeted twice for a specific reason. Anyone with information on the thefts is asked to call authorities.

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