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Man Stabbed Several Times Staggers Into NJ White Castle: Police

Employees at a New Jersey White Castle are credited with helping to save a man who staggered into the restaurant with stab wounds. 

The 34-year-old victim sat down in a booth in the White Castle in Clifton early Saturday and workers saw he was bleeding badly. A pool of blood was forming at his feet. 

"It was very bad there was a lot of blood," said Romie Foster, who works at the restaurant. 

Employees called 911 and first responders arrived minutes later. 

"Most times people turn their heads and walk away but there are good people," customer John Richard told NBC 4 New York. 

The victim, who lives in Passaic, was hospitalized in critical condition, Passaic County prosecutor Camelia M. Valdes said. 

It's not clear where he was stabbed, Valdes said. No one has been arrested. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact prosecutors at 1-877-370-PCPO or or contact the Clifton Police Department at 973-470-5900.

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