Benjamin Carroll

Man Gropes Woman on Elevator of Manhattan Apartment Building: Police

Police say a 20-something-year-old man groped a woman as she was walking out of an elevator in Manhattan.

On Tuesday evening around 5:30, the man followed the woman into an apartment building in the East Village, according to the NYPD. He followed her into the elevator and got off on the second floor.

As the elevator doors were about to close, the suspect then hopped back on and rode it to the fourth floor. Officials said as the woman was getting off the elevator, the man grabbed her buttocks underneath her skirt before the doors closed.

The man then ran away.

The woman didn’t know the man, police said. It was immediately clear if the suspect groped anyone else.

Police released surveillance images of the man seen on the elevator talking on a cell phone wearing a black hat and a white shirt.

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