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Man Found Dead on Quiet, Suburban Long Island Street

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A disturbing discovery made by a neighbor out walking his dog has shaken a Long Island community, as a man was found dead in the street of a quiet community — and police believe he was the victim of a horrible crime.

"It was a regular day just walking my dog. I go and try to do a second lap with my dog, and I see a body in the middle of the street," said the man who found the body on Alexander Avenue in Uniondale. The person's head was toward the curb, with his legs stretched out in the street, the neighbor told NBC New York.

"I've never seen that, I don't even know how to react to that. I still don't know how to react to it, honestly," he said.

Everything the man saw convinces him the victim was dumped, including the time frame in which the body was found.

“It takes me 10 minutes to make a lap, so within 10-15 minutes someone put him there," he said.

More than a dozen detectives worked the scene overnight into Thursday, and haven't said how the man died. Neighbors who watched law enforcement work said that they hauled away a car and collected a lot of evidence, including a a phone inside the car and one found outside as well, according to one woman, in addition to shell casings.

The woman told News 4 that everyone who lives in the area is on edge since the body was found, and that no one recognized the victim nor the car. Many neighbors handed over doorbell camera footage, as police looked for surveillance footage from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Wednesday night.

It was around midday Thursday when investigators turned their attention to Lee and Coleridge Roads, laying down more crime scene markers. They also flew a drone as they continued their hunt for a killer.

Neighbors said they didn’t hear any fighting or a gunshot before the grisly discovery, lending more credence to the belief that the body was dumped in the neighborhood.

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