Thieves Drive Off With $150K in Cash Mistakenly Left Behind by ATM Employees in NJ: Police

Police say people in a white van drove off with a bag filled with $150,000 in cash after two employees who were replenishing ATMs mistakenly left the money on a lawn in northern New Jersey.

Mahwah police said the ATM employees had stopped on Industrial Avenue when one of them placed the satchel on the front lawn of the business while moving items around in the vehicle.

The duo drove off, forgetting the bag, and realized the money was missing 20 minutes later, police said. 

Surveillance video shows a passenger in a white van grabbing the bag at some time after 11:15 a.m. Monday, authorities say.

Police say local departments spotted the white van before it came into Mahwah. The suspects are known as "pickers" -- people who collect used tires and trade them for cash, authorities said. Police believe they were in town for that purpose when they stole the cash.

Police said the ATM employees work for, a family-owned business, and authorities do not believe the theft was an inside job. The employees are cooperating with the investigation.

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