Cops Catch Man Molesting 4 Women at Rockefeller Center Tree: DA

Eagle-eyed police officers stationed at the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree cuffed a man after they noticed him groping four different women on the plaza Thursday evening, authorities said. 

Atta Saad, 44, is accused of pushing his groin against women and repeatedly rubbing against them, according to a complaint from the Manhattan district attorney's office. 

One of the women turned around while he was rubbing against her and glared at him, prompting him to walk off. 

It all happened within 20 minutes at Rockefeller Plaza, the complaint said. While the plaza tends to become a crowded holiday destination when the tree is lit, police officers stated in the complaint that there was enough room that the suspect did not need to be pressed up against the women. 

Saad was arrested and charged with four counts of forcible touching and four counts of third-degree sexual abuse. He was arraigned Friday and released on $750 bail. His listed attorney could not be immediately reached for comment Friday. 

The Daily News reports Saad is a former NYPD traffic agent who resigned in 2015.

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