Man Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Church's Holiday Donations

Bronxville police nabbed a New York City man Thursday for allegedly stealing $2,000 in holiday Mass donations from a local church on New Year’s Eve, authorities said.

Frederick Nelson, 63, a Wards Island resident, was charged with burglary for the caper, police said.

Nelson was released from a five-year stint in prison for burglary the day before he allegedly pocketed the collection money from the Church of Saint Joseph on Cedar Street in Bronxville, police said.

Nelson was arrested for the church burglary by Detective Sergeant Richard Anderson after he was identified from a surveillance video.

Detective Sergeant Anderson was the same cop to arrest Nelson in 2011 after he allegedly burglarized Concordia College, also in Bronxville.

Nelson was ordered held without bail at his arraignment Friday.

Attorney information for him was not immediately available.


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