Man Arrested After Commenting on Video of His Reckless Driving

The driver of a BMW taped racing down the Long Island Expressway at upwards of 100 mph was arrested after commenting on a social media post of his daredevil-like driving maneuvers.

"It's outright insanity," acting Nassau County Police Commissioner Thomas C. Krumpter said of the video Tuesday. "He's not a professional driver. He makes a mistake and people are going to die."

The impromptu race was captured on the Long Island Expressway as the driver was headed to a BMW rally on Long Island. The other driver was also headed to the rally. 

The second BMW driver later posted the video of the dangerous driving on social media.

The alleged driver of the BMW seen swerving, 23-year-old Darren Anderson, then commented on the video, urging the poster to take it down before it led to his arrest.

Nassau County police were able to track down Anderson after he posted the comment, impound his car and charge him with a number of traffic infractions.

Police are searching for the second driver.

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