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Man Accused of Kidnapping Woman From NJ, Raping Her in NYC Home and Torturing Another for 6 Hours: DA

What to Know

  • Michael Hosang, 54, is accused of kidnapping a woman from New Jersey, raping her, and torturing another woman for six hours
  • The first woman was attacked in 2017 after Hosang allegedly hounded the 38-year-old victim to go to a party with him
  • The second woman was allegedly beaten and raped for several hours in Hosang's Queens home before she was able to escape

New York City prosecutors on Wednesday released disturbing details in an indictment against a man accused of kidnapping a woman from New Jersey, raping her, and torturing another woman for six hours before she was able to escape the nightmare by jumping out a window.

Michael Hosang, 54, could spend the rest of his life in prison for the "vile and unconscionable" attacks that took place two years apart at his 227th Street home in the Laurelton neighborhood of Queens, according to Acting Queens District Attorney John M. Ryan.

He allegedly punched a 30-year-old victim in her face and body several times on May 30, ripped off her clothes and raped her for hours, prosecutors said.

The woman tried to escape at one point but he dragged her up stairs, tied up her hands and legs and threatened to kill her as he continued his assault. She managed to free herself when Hosang briefly left the bedroom and escaped by jumping out the second-story window, climbing down a pipe naked.

"What she allegedly experienced is beyond belief," said Ryan.

Ryan said she flagged down a driver who helped her call 911. She was treated at the hospital for multiple injuries, including a fractured cheekbone.

In another violent attack in September 2017, Hosang allegedly "hounded" a 38-year-old woman in New Jersey to go to a party with him. After saying no several times, she got in his car and he punched her, leaving her unconscious.

The woman later woke up outside his Queens home and he forced her inside and raped her, according to officials. She tried to call 911 after running inside a closet but her phone died. However, Hosang allowed her to leave after she convinced him that she had successfully made the call.

After the May incident, Hosang fled 3,000 miles but was later arrested in Bellingham, Washington, in June.

He faces multiple charges including rape, aggravated sexual abuse, kidnapping, assault, controlled substance, air pistol possession and unlawful imprisonment, according to the district attorney's office.

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