Makeshift Parking in Brooklyn Pits Neighbor Against Neighbor

Carroll Gardens is losing its gardens

New York City is cracking down on drivers who park too close to home.

In the Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn some homeowners have transformed their front yards into parking spots.

On Fourth Place between Smith and Hoyt Streets, the Buildings Department has issued violations to two homeowners who cut the curb in front of their homes.

A Buildings Department spokesperson says curb cuts are legal only for parking that is on the side of the house or the rear.

In Carroll Gardens --  a neighborhood that takes it's name from the fact many homes literally have gardens in front -- the neighborhood association has been encouraging the city to enforce the regulations.

Glenn Kelly of the neighborhood associations says,"Parking in front yards takes away from the beauty of the neighborhood." He also says it is unfair to the rest of the block that now has one less parking spot.

One man, who didn't want to give his name, but parks his car in his front yard says, "I have to drive around for two hours to find a parking space." But, he says, if the city tells him he has to park on the street he will.

Homeowners who don't face a hearing and a possible fine.

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